Stok kangri


Lying in the white misty Himalayas, StokKangri is the highest trekkable summit in India.

It lies around 15 km southwest to the city of Leh, the capital of Ladakh.StokKangri is Used as an Acclimatization Peak for Bigger Expeditions (7000 + Meters.) so that in a given time, your body can adapt to the decrease in oxygen molecules at a specific altitude and you can successfully trek the higher peakswith decreased oxygen. Like Nun-Kun (7135 Meters).

8 Days

Aug 16’ - Aug 22’



Min Age : 15+

Max People : 25


16th Aug

Trek Booking Cost

Rs.19,100/-Per Person

Lead Mountaineer

Chandra Shekhar

  • Day 1: Arrival at Leh 3,500mt (11500 ft.)
  • Day 2: Acclimatization day/ Local sightseeing
  • Day 3: Leh (3,500mt) to Mankyarmo(4,328mt)
  • Day 4: Mankyarmo (4,328mt) to Base camp(4,965 mt)
  • Day 5: Training, Acclimatization & Resting Day
  • Day 6: Summit Camp (4,965mt) to StokKangri(6,153mt) & back to the camp.
  • Day 7: Final day back to Leh.
  • Accommodation (Camping) and Leh guest house (Day 1, Day 2, Day 7)
  • One day for local home stay experience.
  • Meals while on trek (Veg.)
  • Trek equipment. (Central equipment)
  • All Permits
  • First aid medical kits and oxygen cylinder.
  • Qualified & Experienced Trek Leader. (Ministry of Defence)
  • Two Technical Guide and Support staff to help trekkers.
  • Individual insurance minimum for one year’s period along with adventure activities coverage.(Optional)
  • Food / Meal in Leh (Day 1 – Breakfast + Lunch)
  • Any kind of personal expenses.
  • Additional rent to be given if not having own trekking shoes.(Depends upon size availability)
  • Anything not specifically mentioned under the head price Includes.
  • For cancellations made 24 days or more before departure of the trek to Stok Kangri: 95% of trek cost will be refunded.
  • For cancellations made between 14-24 days before departure of the trek to Stok Kangri: 70% of trek/tour cost will be refunded.
  • For cancellations made between 8-14 days before departure of the trek to Stok
  • Kangri: 50% of trek/tour cost will be refunded.
  • For cancellations made less than 7 days before departure of the trek to Stok
  • Kangri: No refund.
  • No show: No refund.
  • All refund amounts will be processed after deducting any transaction charges.

By Air

Jet Airways, Go Air and Air India provide daily (once every day) flight service between New Delhi and Leh. In the summer season, the services may even be provided twice a day.

By Road

The road from Manali to Leh is only open in the summers. The road trip may take you 2 days, but depending upon the weather conditions, the travel may also extend to 3 or even 4 days. You should also make sure that you carry at least two spare tires. A good advice would be to carry a sleeping bag with you well, as the bus may stop in the middle of nowhere for the overnight stay.

Another route to Leh via Srinagar, also takes around two days. On this route, you would pass through some lonely yet famous villages like Kargil and Drass.

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Facts and pre-requisite for StokKangri

  • Stok Kangri peak is the only place from where you can get the view of Indus and Zansker Valley.
  • StokKangri (6,153 Meters) is just 2700 m lesser than the Mt Everest!!
  • This is the Highest Mountain in Ladakh lying 12 km southwest to the village of Stok (3,610 meters)
  • Not recommended for beginner or first timer participants. Keeping your health and well-being as our foremost priority, we recommend that a trekker should have at least one or two prior high altitude trek experience.
  • Good physical fitness to endure a trek that climbs nearly 5,000 meters prior to the Stok Kangri trek is needed.

Misconceptions about StokKangri

StokKangri is very often underestimated for its difficulty level. Here are few Myths
  • Can be climbed without a Professional Guide.
  • You need an Experienced Guide who has the best of knowledge about the mountains, weather and should be adept in handling emergency situations.
  • Acclimatization is not needed.
  • Few days of acclimatization at Leh (11,500 feet) is not enough as it wouldnot help to overcome a acclimatization needs at the summit of 20,500 feet. The two days of acclimatization at Leh is required not for the Stok summit, but to get adjusted to the mountains.Lax attitude towards acclimatization may increase your chance of AMS( Acute mountain sickness)& other risks.
  • Don’t need a Tent.
  • It is often being heard by travel and trekking organisers that StokKangri trek do not need a tent and other set-up which is a baffling statement. We all know that Mountains are often unpredictable and nature can struck hard anytime. Snow-storm and landslides are very common which can led to sodden change in the trekking plans and the team needs a halt at some place so having a tent is mandatory.
  • Any One can do it.
  • Self-confidence is good but can be perishable sometimes. Trekking is alluring but can be dangerous also. StokKangri trek cannot be underestimated. What a trekker needs is another trek that climbs to at least 15,500 feet (4,700 – 5,000 mts) before attempting Stok Kangri. Rest all Depends on Individual physical Strength and Mental perseverance.
  • I have done a mountaineering course.
  • Doing a Mountaineering course is not a credible certificate for your successful summit. Yes! It is an added advantage but youneed tohave the Knowledge about the Terrain.
  • I am fit enough I can do it easily.
  • Positivity about one’s health is appreciated but sometimes you should have own ability to make good judgement. Acute Mountain Sickness can even hit to a Fit Climber as decrease in oxygen at high altitude can be a serious issue for many.

Trekking layout

  • Day 1: Arrival atLeh3,500mt (11500 ft.):- 16th Aug 2018
  • We welcome our folks at one of the highest airfields in the world, Leh 11500 ft. and you will be mesmerised with the view of majestic Himalayan Range. Sometime walking in the deserted and barren land provides the world class experience to the trekker. The natural beauty and cultural simplicity of leh will spellbound you. The very next feeling will beBreathlessness!! And stay at leh will let you acclimatize yourself for the upcoming trek so here you will reach your accommodation and it will be a complete rest foracclimatization.
  • Day 2: Acclimatization day/ Local sightseeing:- 17th Aug 2018
  • It is very important to get acclimatized with the high altitude conditions. Taking strolls around the
    Beautiful city will help you to get acclimatized as well as get acquainted to the mountain lifestyle. Buy the necessary stuff you need for the trek from the local market while coming back. Onemay experience spirituality in air which is blissful and expected in the land of Buddhism teachings.
  • Day 3: Leh(3,500mt) to Mankyarmo(4,328mt):- 18th Aug 2018
  • The coming days are going to be the best ones in your life. We will start at early morning by our vehicle to the stok village. This is the starting point of our adventurous trek. Our next stay will be at Mankyarmo which is estimatedto be reached by lunch time. This journey will give a spell bounding experience and illusion of travelling into another planet may hit you! The trek
    to Mankyarmo will be a normal ascent and you will get the view of a beautiful landscape when we
    reach the Mankyarmo camp. This is the time to pitch your tent and set up the camp.
  • Day 4: Mankyarmo (4,328mt)to Base camp(4,965 mt):- 19thAug 2018
  • Now the ascent will be a little more steeper and the way your training and endurance is put at test. You will observe snow for the first time and you will be setting goals for yourself at every next step. You will have the first view of the snow laden peaks. You will be facing the majestic and mighty StokKangri which is gracefully welcoming you. You are just few steps away
    from your long cherished dream.
  • Day 5: Training Day:- 20thAug 2018
  • This is an important day before the final ascent to the summit. You will be taken on acclimatization
    walk and taught about the basic mountaineering technique from experienced trekkers&instructors.
  • Day 6: Summit day. Base Camp (4,965mt) to StokKangri(6,153mt) and back to Base
  • Camp:- 21st Aug 2018
    With a zeal and positivity, we’ll be starting early at midnight and it’s important that everyone is withinthe schedule. It is very important to reach the summit at the first light of dawn, as with the sun thesnow starts to melt and it will be very difficult to descent under slippery conditions. We will beback to our base camp. No other activity for the day except writing your memorable travelogue.
  • Day 7: Final day:- 22nd Aug 2018
  • We will walk down the same way to reach ChangMa and Stok village from where you will be taken
    back to the guest house.

Please Note:- Take an extra day before booking your flights.

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